Tiger U8 Pro 170kv


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Tiger Motor (T-Motor) High Lifting & Energy Saving U-Power Series Power Type U8 Pro

The U8 and U8 Pro are exactly the same minus Pro is fully uncased, weighs more and costs more.

The U8 series motor by Tiger Motors is the ultimate heavy-lift multi-rotor motor. This motor shines in efficiency and quality, giving you the longest flight times possible. This motor is designed for large scale multi-rotor platforms looking to lift Red Epic & DSLR sized gear. 26″-28″ prop is recommended to fly with this motor supporting 6-12s battery voltage (6S & 8S recommended).

  • KV: 190kv
  • No load current: 1.0A/22.2V
  • Max Watts/Time: 940W/180s
  • Max Amps/Time: 30A/180S
  • Resistance Ohm: 137m
  • Case Height/Length: 86.8×26.5mm
  • Recommended ESC: 30amp-40amp
  • Recommended  Battery Configuration: 6-12s
  • Recommended  CF Prop: (T-motor style) – 26-29″


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