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Gain complete control of your lens when you pair the new Freefly WEDGE with the MōVI Controller. The Wedge is smaller than any other 3-axis (Focus, Iris, Zoom) lens control system available. It fits simply onto even the most precarious of setups.

Customers have told us what they need and Freefly heard them loud and clear. A revolutionary lens control
system, the Freefly WEDGE allows the operator to control Focus, Iris, Zoom remotely while moving and
framing the shot. It operates in tandem with the MōVI Controller, and adapts to the many different professional
camera, lens and motor combinations. It is the smallest and lightest 3-channel lens controller available on
the market, fitting into place snugly in between the MōVI cage and camera. Now camera operators will
be able to truly dial in the shot like never before.

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