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Dragon Link Micro Complete System

Dragon Link V2 complete UHF High Performance RC system. Latest version with Next Generation Technology. Includes EVERYTHING needed for professional grade RC control. Copters and Planes.

Flawless RC control, anywhere, any distance, any time, Copters and Planes…  Imagine flying FPV without ever having to worry about failsafes, glitches, Interference in the city, or from surrounding objects.  The Dragon Link system just works, no hassles, no extra steps needed, just turn it on and fly.    Even though the Dragon Link system will typically have a range of 40 KM with stock antennas, you do not need to be a long range flyer to get the best benefits of this system.  The Dragon Link is incredibly resistant to interference, and if you fly a copter in the city at short distances, this is the solution for you.   Dragon Link will give you flawless copter control without ever having to worry about interference from buildings or city environments again.  The Dragon Link complete system includes everything you need for long range and high performance RC control, there is nothing additional to purchase.  Just order the complete system, and chose the correct options from the Drop Down menu for your RC Transmitter connection cables and airplane antenna options.  NOTE:  The Dragon Link system is for RC control only, it does not transmit or affect video transmission in any way.
How To Chose the connection cable type to connect the Dragon Link to your RC transmitter:  If you want more than one cable type, you can chose one here, and also purchase another type under ” Connection Cables ” .
Taranis, Turnigy, And Older RC Transmitters with removable RF module:  – This cable connects the Dragon Link transmitter to ALL RC transmitters that has a removable RF module.  It has standard header pins that you connect to the RF module pins that are exposed once you remove the RF module from the back of your RC transmitter.   This is a very quick and easy way to connect your Dragon Link to your RC transmitter, as it provides both PPM and power, and is a one cable connection.  It is not required to open the RC transmitter to connect via this cable.   NOTE:  This cable will NOT work with the New High End Futabas that have a double row of very Tiny Pins when the RF module is used.
Spectrum, JR, Hitec, and Other 2.4 GHZ Transmitters with no removable RF module:  This cable has a small ” Mini Audio ” type plug that plugs into the DSC or Trainer Port output of modern RC transmitters.  This is compatible with ALL Spectrun, and JR RC transmitters regardless of model.  This cable is a little harder to connect as the DSC / Trainer ports of this type do NOT supply power to the Dragon Link.  This cable also includes power connecters that must be connected to either an external LIPO of 5 to 18 volts, for an installation that can be done without opening the RC transmitter.   OR – You can connect to the internal switched power of the RC transmitter, but this will require opening the transmitter and some basic soldering skills.
Futaba Square Trainer Port Connector:  This is the quickest and easiest way to connect the Dragon Link Transmitter to any Futaba RC transmitter that has the standard Futaba Square type trainer port, as it is a 30 second setup that requires no additional steps.  Simply Plug in, activate the trainer port in your Futaba Transmitters computer Menu, and it will work.  We use a genuine high quality Futaba plug, not the cheap Chinese ones, for reliable connection and operation.
The Dragon Link is made in the USA and fully guaranteed.   To see examples of its incredible performance see the following videos:
INCLUDED WITH COMPLETE SYSTEM:  Everything you see in the above pictures !
1 Long Range Transmitter Module
1 Long Range 12 Channel Micro Receiver
1 Genuine Nagoya Transmitter Antenna
1 High Performance FPVPro Receiver Antenna
1 Connection Cable for Transmitter Module
1 Mounting Bracket for Transmitter Module
2 Dragon Link Decals
TX Module Voltage 5 – 18 Volts
RX Voltage  5 – 8.4 Volts
Frequency  433 MHZ – Frequency Hopping in ARS Band.
Typical Range:   40 KM Using Supplied Antennas



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